A little story
about a big retirement idea.

The income planning strategy that will change
the way you look at retirement.

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About the Author

Stephen R. Swensen received his BS degree in Business Administration from Utah State University in 1996 and has been a financial advisor for nearly 20 years. He developed the Bucket Bliss Strategy and created the tools that turned his average production into a $1 million practice. He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox.
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Bucket Bliss

Bucket Bliss – A little story about a big retirement idea is an inspirational parable that takes place in the dark at 13,000 feet in a private airplane that has lost both electricity and communication, pilot and financial advisor Stephen Swensen guides his passengers to safety as he imparts his knowledge of how to find peace of mind when you leave your job behind and head into retirement.


Stephen’s strategy, Bucket Bliss, is named after the four buckets of money that fund retirement dreams and leave clients with as much as they started with in the beginning.


You will be on the edge of your seat during this gripping flight as you begin to understand that there is a way to land safely in retirement.


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