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A comprehensive platform for financial professionals
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Included Features

The following items are included in our plans. See the pricing page for more details.

SSoftware Subscription

The Bucket Bliss software clearly and concisely illustrates the Bucket Bliss Strategy to your clients and prospects. With your paid subscription, you can create an unlimited number of scenarios, print illustrations, and create PDF presentations.



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CAdvisor Relations

At Bucket Bliss, we pride ourselves on making sure every advisor has all the support they need to be successful. We are available to you through phone calls, emails, or screen-share consultations to answer all of your questions and make sure you get the most out of this powerful software.

>Personal Whiteboard Presentation

As part of your advisor listing on, your clients and prospects will be able to access your personalized whiteboard presentation as an additional resource the help familiarize them with the Bucket Bliss strategy. This has also proven to be a powerful marketing and referral generation tool for advisors. You can view a sample of the presentation at

BeBook Distribution

You will receive a copy of our best-selling book, Bucket Bliss: A little story about a BIG retirement idea, in electronic format. This allows you to email the book to your prospects and clients for use on their Kindle, iPad, or Nook.

WWeb-Based Training Resources

You will get unlimited access to our video training, which answers some of our most frequently asked questions and helps you utilize Bucket Bliss to its full potential from the beginning. A software demo video can be viewed on our homepage before you sign-up.

AEducational Resources

We will always be providing tips on best practices and how to use Bucket Bliss to its full potential so you can increase your efficiency and grow your business.

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