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balance sheet

The Balance Sheet

The balance sheet gives you an opportunity to summarize your client's complete financial picture. You can track cash accounts, investment accounts, and even calculate what the future value of an account will be at retirement—with and without additional contributions. You can track balances for several account reviews to give your client a clear understanding of their income plan.

balance sheet

Other Income Sources

The Retirement Income Asset Manager allows you to track your client's other income sources so they can easily see the difference between what they already have and what they’ll need to plan for additionally.

scenario illustration

Scenario Illustration

The illustration page allows you to customize your client’s income plan. You can adjust each ladder duration, increase or decrease the growth rate, and specify the total pre-tax income your client would like to plan for. This page is really the core of the application. Its intuitive user interface ensures that you’ll be very comfortable with its capabilities in no time.

scenario dashboard

The Bucket Bliss Index

The next big thing in retirement income planning is here. You can make any retirement plan look good on paper, but what is the probability that the plan will prove to be successful for your client? The Bucket Bliss Index is a new tool embedded in Bucket Bliss Advisor that measures a combination of seven components on a scale of 1-100 to allow both you and your clients to see how viable their retirement plan is; the higher the Bliss Index, the more likely the plan is to succeed. Once the Bliss Index has been calculated, you can view how each component scored, and edit the plan to build a more efficient one for your clients. Knowing what you can do to create a better retirement plan for your clients will help you act in their best interest and ensure your practice’s DOL compliance.

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