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*Pricing is based on the total number of clients in your Bucket Bliss account, not on the number of clients you enter per month. Any person entered into your account is considered a client and is counted towards your total number of clients even if they are deleted.


S Software Subscription

The Bucket Bliss software clearly and concisely illustrates the Bucket Bliss Strategy to your clients and prospects. With your paid subscription, you can create an unlimited number of scenarios, print illustrations, and create PDF presentations.

C Advisor Relations

At Bucket Bliss, we pride ourselves on making sure every advisor has all the support they need to be successful. We are available to you through phone calls, emails, or screen-share consultations to answer all of your questions and make sure you get the most out of this powerful software.

> Personal Whiteboard Presentation

As part of your advisor listing on, your clients and prospects will be able to access your personalized whiteboard presentation as an additional resource the help familiarize them with the Bucket Bliss strategy. This has also proven to be a powerful marketing and referral generation tool for advisors. You can view a sample of the presentation at

B eBook Distribution

You will receive a copy of our best-selling book, Bucket Bliss: A little story about a BIG retirement idea, in electronic format. This allows you to email the book to your prospects and clients for use on their Kindle, iPad, or Nook.

W Web-Based Training Resources

You will get unlimited access to our video training, which answers some of our most frequently asked questions and helps you utilize Bucket Bliss to its full potential from the beginning. A software demo video can be viewed on our homepage before you sign-up.

A Educational Resources

We will always be providing tips on best practices and how to use Bucket Bliss to its full potential so you can increase your efficiency and grow your business.

"The Bucket Bliss™ Advisor platform is the center-piece of my growing practice. Clients are in desperate need of a clear and easy to understand income plan and your program makes this happen for my clients. The simplicity and flexibility, as well as the first rate education and marketing material, make Bucket Bliss™ Advisor the program I’ve used for the last 3 years to turn tire kicking prospects into clients who are 100% committed to a simple and sound lifetime income plan.

Thank you for helping me become an Income Planning Specialist!"~ Andrew P.


Do I have to use any specific products to use this program?

No. The platform was designed so that advisors could use any investment products to fund each portfolio. We have advisors that use mutual funds, annuities, separately managed accounts, ETF's, and individual securities in each portfolio.

What type of support is available?

While we’ve designed tools that can be immediately accessed to ensure that you are able to use all the tools effectively, we realize that additional questions may arise. You can always call or email for additional support. Further, advisors have the option to attend certification training and participate in individual coaching sessions and assessments with our experts. See features page for details.

Do I need my compliance department to approve this program?

Yes. The illustrations produced have been reviewed and approved my many of the industry's top broker/dealers. Each illustration prints with appropriate disclosures on each page. The marketing materials will need to be reviewed by your compliance department. As you go through the sign up process, you will be able to quickly download the necessary documents to submit to your compliance department for full approval.

Will your system replace my current crm or account aggregation software?

No. The Bucket Bliss™ Advisor system is primarily a marketing and presentation system designed around a bucket strategy. All of the marketing tools that accompany the system will educate your prospects and clients and provide you with ready-to-use solutions to drive referrals. While our system has become the practice framework for many successful advisors, you’ll still need a CRM (like Redtail or Outlook) and you’ll continue to use your broker/dealer supported account aggregation platform (like Albridge or DST).

Will it work on my pc or mac?

Yes. The Bucket Bliss™ Advisor system and tools are compatible with both Window’s and Mac Operating Systems. Since the software application is web-based, the most current versions of all major web browsers are supported.

What are my payment options?

You can pay your monthly fee with any major credit card.